The Art (Challenge?) of Stillness

Uncategorized Dec 05, 2019

Originally posted 9/5/19

Stillness. Presence.  I know how important these are.  I get it.  Over the past several days, the Universe has been popping little messages into my day, "Be still in this moment."  "Live in the present moment, without fear or worry about the future."  Book passages, social media posts, comments from others...I hear ya, loud and clear!
And I absolutely feel how grounding this can be.

The challenge I am having, though, is that whenever I am still, I think of 452,786 things I need to be doing.  I'm a mom.  The work-load is never done.  Literally, NEVER.  So, yes, I could working on that to-do list til my children graduate from college and it still wouldn't be done.  

And when I'm not ticking off boxes, I find myself looking for ways to "unwind" (aka numb out).  When I do allow myself a break, I get a strong urge to scroll through social media.  With my phone always by my side, the temptation is so real. (And I can justify it, trust me!)

But instead of GOING constantly (either physically or mentally), I could allow myself the freedom to be here.  Now.  In this moment.  I can savor the now-ness.  I could give myself a little break from the intensity of my mind chatter, the constant need to be going, the constant desire to be available to the world, and breathe.  I can choose to put the damn phone away, and sit in stillness. I can recognize that being still is not a "waste of time".  Quite the contrary, I am offering so much benefit to my mind and body by just BEING.  I am allowing my highest self to emerge when it's quiet enough for her to do so.

That's where I'm headed.  In the direction of peace, stillness, and my freaking amazing highest self.  It's a practice.  Years of conditioning won't be undone immediately.  But, I'm setting the intention to show up for myself, to allow my true self the opportunity to listen.  And in the quiet, I know I'll hear her.


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