BE. Here. Now.

Uncategorized Dec 05, 2019

Originally posted on 9/30/19

Be.  Just BE. Seriously, now, in this moment; take a breath and allow yourself to feel the intake of oxygen and how it rejuvenates your cells.

In the course of our days, filled with so much DOING, we forget how it feels to BE.

Stillness, presence...these are what we get to experience NOW.  Whenever we choose to, we can ignite the life within us and live it, feel it.

We are not simply robots, meant to accomplish at all times.  We are human BEINGS here to feel and experience.

Last week, this lesson kept coming back to me.  I have an old story that tells me I have to be performing at full speed in order to be worthy, productive.  Slowly, I am reframing that.  Yes, being busy and getting it allll done feels so good; unless I’m forcing it.  Then it feels terrible.

I definitely felt like I was trying to force the accomplishment last week.  It just didn't feel right, but I kept pushing... There were things that needed to get done!  In hindsight, I recognize that my body was just asking for a little kindness, for me to slow down a bit.

Why not take cues from our bodies?  Allow it to slow down when it needs to.  Allow it to race when it wants to.  There are rhythms to life.  Just as the moon goes through phases, so do our bodies.  When we allow ourselves to align with our inner rhythm, life moves smoothly and effortlessly.  We can accomplish so much more when we do it with flow and inspiration, rather than pushing ourselves.

Sometimes the most productive thing we can do is to simply BE.


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