Mom-Guilt; Ditch it.

Uncategorized Dec 05, 2019

Originally posted 9/23/19

The mom guilt is real, ya’ll.

No matter what I do, which choice I make, the guilt is hanging over me.

There is guilt about sending my little guy to preschool 5 days a week,
instead of keeping him home with me.

There is the guilt I felt when I kept him home. He was so bored, I was so busy, he wasn’t getting ENOUGH.

There is the guilt that pops up when I feel that I didn’t discipline my kids harshly enough (“they need to learn”).

And then there is the guilt when I yell.

There is the guilt I felt about not being “more than a stay-at-home mom”.

And then there is the guilt I felt when I had the drive to do something more, to extend my reach further.

SO MUCH FREAKING GUILT.  It is so emotionally exhausting.

I know I’m not alone here, mom-guilt threads it’s way into sooo many of our minds.

This guilt - it comes from a beautiful, pure place; the desire to be the absolute best, most perfect parent we can be.

BUT, it doesn’t serve us!  We need to stop beating ourselves up for not doing everything “right”. 

The time has come to let go of the guilt.

Set the intention to be the most loving parent you can be.  And parent from that place, always.  When we parent from love, our kiddos KNOW, they feel it.  We may not always be perfect, and when we’re not, let’s approach that from love too.

Let us show our kids that we are human.  Let us show them that we love them more than words can say, but that we are not always perfect.  Let us set an example of how to care for our own needs, so they feel free to do the same. 

Let’s band together! Let’s support each other and lift each other up. We are all doing our best, so let’s ditch the mom-guilt.

Shine, Mama, shine.


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