Your Body is a Wonderland.

Uncategorized Dec 05, 2019

Originally posted 9/19/19

Seriously though.  Can we just take a moment to appreciate how freaking amazing our bodies are?

It's so easy to get caught up in the things we despise about this vessel that we call our body.  Shall I name a few of mine?  The dimples in my thighs, my thighs themselves, the way my nose crooks to one side (pretty sure that is a by-product of being head-butted one too many times by a squirming baby/toddler), my fat upper arms, the jiggli-ness of my belly these days, the stretch marks on my belly (and too many other places)...Honestly, the sad thing is, this all came very easily to me, and I could go on and on..and on and on.

But humor me for a minute...Let's think about the parts of our body that we love.  And it doesn't have to be aesthetically, although that works too.  Without even having to ask, our body functions in perfect ways to keep us going.  We breathe, our heart pumps, our muscles move whichever way (within reason...haha) we will them to, our food digests, our cells fight disease- the list is endless. And these are just the automatic functions.

My body has made a HUMAN.  Three times!  That is incredible.  

Within this skin of mine, I am able to experience life!  It is because of this body that I am able to play with my children, see beautiful things, speak and connect with other humans.

What if we looked at our bodies with so much wonder and amazement?  What if we experienced supreme gratitude when we think of this physical form we inhabit?  

We have an opportunity to love our bodies.  To remember daily how blessed we are to be having this human experience, and the body that will carry us through it.

I'm not saying it's easy to let go of years of this way of thinking.  But I am saying that I am setting the intention to do so.  Whenever a vicious thought about my body arises, whenever I avoid a mirror as I walk by...I will remind myself that my body is so much more than the freckles and pimples and fat pockets.  

It carries my soul.  And it is doing that beautifully.


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