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of my clients have said:

"When I first started coaching with Tawnya I was hesitant. I was not used to let my guard down especially with someone I didn’t know.  But I knew I needed a change so I gave it a try. I’m very glad I did. Since our first conversation I felt such calm in her voice that made me feel calm as well. It was very easy to talk to her, I never felt judged or uncomfortable. She helped me realize that strong is not holding things inside and never letting them out. On the contrary, the ability to feel vulnerable actually makes us stronger than ever before. At least that was my case, feeling as though I was made up of steel it was taking a toll on me. I  learned so much from her, her advice was so insightful. Our meetings always felt like I was talking with someone who knew me forever. She is a good listener and it showed. I really felt so much progress and change in me. I recommend her with all my heart." -- Kelly V.

"When you  are READY you know it. Then you connect with an amazing guide/coach whose understanding, patience, love, and kindness allow you to grow and realize YOUR best life!  This is what I found with Coach Tawnya. Her unique mannerism, her calm demeanor, and acknowledgment of every feeling expressed allow you freedom of GROWTH within. You find your path, to attain your goal. My purpose is to LIVE MY BEST LIFE ~ while balancing family & work life. It’s a journey that I would take again, and again with Coach Tawnya.  It was work that needed to be done. I am elated I took this ride.

I am living my best life.

I am balancing life.

I feel amazing and validated. 

I EMBRACE who I am without definitions or limits.

Because I found love, forgiveness and strength within, leading me to my goal, living MY best life!!

With Coach Tawnya’s guidance, this had been the best shift in my life." --Digna M.

"Tawnya’s services made me feel so welcomed, loved and understood! She has the ability to question your belief system to the point where you’ll change your perspective for the best! She helped me identify my emotional triggers, supported me and gave me golden guidance to face my challenges and overcome them by simply embracing myself and being mindful. So pleased to have received her guidance and can’t wait for more!" --Francesca M.

"Tawnya made me feel heard. I felt safe speaking with her. I didn’t feel rushed in my process and she wasn’t judgmental. I thoroughly trusted her throughout this process. The meditation guides were personalized and extremely helpful."


"My most significant breakthrough is learning to love, and accept myself without any judgement. Learning to speak, and live my truth (in good times and bad), understanding that any mistake does not define you, it empowers you to be better. I have learned to love, take care of myself with actions. Take time out of my day to do something for me in my very busy, crazy life. I have learned to step back and take a breath or two when things are going so fast and I can't catch my breath."

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